About us

Cycling T is a new young venu with the focus unique print on demand  cycling related clothing. Made by cyclists for cyclists.

All our designs are made in our own studio and can't be find anywhere else. In order to save the environment in which we love to do our bike rides we don't hold any stock. This means that your order is made after you have placed it on www.cyclingt.com.

In other words walking around in our designs makes you green and standout of the crowed.

The beginning:

When going on the internet looking for some unique cycling swag our founder Robin quickly foundout that there was not that much to chose from exept for the same t-shirts over and over again.

Because of this Robin decided to make his own designs and they quickly became populair among cyclists in his neigberhood. Because of the ever growing demand the idee came to start selling cycling related clothing online. And so Cycling T was born.

A fun fact is that all our employies are still active in cycling and running. And because we take our sport and clothing serious we are also sponsor of several young talented cyclist who are racing all over the world.

So, as you can see we are Cycling T.